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What is the meaning of TablifiedTM?

Tablified represents an app or game that has been designed specially for tablets.


Why are you doing this? Doesn't Google have a tablet section?

At this point in time, the Google Play store does not have a dedicated tablet section. There is a "Featured Apps" section but that's not really what we had in mind. The reason I started this project is because I was tired of having to manually test each app to figure out which ones were optimized for tablets and which were not. I was also tired of the inconsistencies with the lists on the forums and various sites all around the internet. Some had a large list but included apps & games that were not "tablified" and others just failed to update their site altogether. Though we still have to manually test every app, I believe this is the best method for Android tablet users to get the largest and most up to date list on the internet while still making it user friendly.   


Do you offer an Android app?

YES! We recently released our Android apps for tablets. You can download the free app from the link below:

Get It On Google Play


How much are you charging for this service?

While our site is free to use, our Android tablet app, Tablified Market HD, has many pro features that you can unlock via a one-time IAP (in app purchase). You can get it by downloading the free version and from the menu option click on 'Get Pro Version'. It's a great way to help support what we do :)  


Do you host or sell these apps yourselves? How do I download the app?

We do not host any apps on TablifiedMarket.com. We simply link you back to the official Google Play store to complete the transaction. To download the app (basically to get linked back to the Android Market) tap on the price at the top of the page for the app your interested in. You will be taken directly to the Google Play store listing for that particular app.


I am a developer and I submitted an app to you but I got an email saying it was denied. Why is that?

My small team and I have created a set of criteria that must be met for the app to be accepted. If the app doesn't meet these requirements then it will not be displayed on the site.  


But if the app works okay on the tablet, isn't that enough? 

I, like most of you, didn't spend hundreds of dollars on a tablet so that I can use apps that were designed for phones. I want to use apps that take advantage of all the screen real-estate and I want developers to make apps specifically designed for tablets. So no, its not enough.  


Okay then, what are the requirements for a tablified app or game?

There a number of things that we look at before accepting an app or a game. We will start off with apps:  

1) Design:

The app must be distinguishable from it's phone counterpart (if applicable). Many developers have both a tablet and phone version of their app but it turns out that many times, the tablet app is identical to the phone app in every way. Distinguishing the tablet verison from the phone version can be achieved by adding the following things:  

  • Honeycomb action bar: The Honeycomb action bar, the bar that runs on the top of the screen which houses some functions like search & menu, is a clear indication that the developer officially included support for the Honeycomb OS. This not only insures compatibility but also enhances the UI of the app. ‚Äč
  • Fragments API: Incorporating the fragmented UI design is a fresh and intuitive way to display information on tablets. This design is rarely found on phone apps so using this on a tablet app makes a lot more sense. Understandably though, not every tablet app needs to use the fragmented UI; sometimes it just doesn't fit well with the content of the app. Therefore this one is not required. But, if you do not use the fragments UI then you must include the Honeycomb action bar. The chances that your app will be accepted without either of these two features is very small but there are some exceptions depending on the nature of your app (i.e. keyboards, news apps, etc.).  

2) Menu Button functionality

The nice thing about having the action bar is that the menu button can be found on it. This makes the legacy menu button obsolete. There is no reason to have that menu button on the bottom notification tray, especially when it's non functional. This is mostly evident on games rather than apps, but nevertheless, take advantage of the menu button that's available on the action bar and just remove the legacy menu button altogether.  


What are the requirements for games? Some of these requirements listed above can't be added.

I understand that not all these things can be added. The fragments API doesn't make sense to be used on games but there are a few things that you can do to insure that your game is made for tablets.  

  • Removing the menu button: As I stated earlier, there is no reason to have this menu button anymore. Many games include this button but it turns out that it doesn't actually do anything. If there is an on-screen menu button, then there should be no reason for second menu button on the notification tray. Therefore, unless the menu button has a function, it should be removed. This is usually easily fixed by editing the manifest file.
  • Remove Zoom-To-Fit API: If a game is properly designed for tablets then it should not have issues processing the graphics. The zoom to fit API is used when a developer doesn't want to properly support a tablet and wants to use this as a 'quick fix'. Games that render nicely in HD have no need for this anyway.  


I am a developer and I am interested in learning more about how to incorporate these options into my app or game. Where can I go for more information?

This is a fantastic article that will help get you going: http://www.kaloer.com/making-your-app-tablet-friendly-3-steps  


You told me that my game or app was approved but I don't see it on the site yet. What's the hold up?

If I said your app/game was approved then that means I have added it to the queue. I have a large list of apps that need to be added. They are added in the order in which they were received. It would rarely take more than a week to see the app on there but because there are only a couple people working on the site, it gets a bit overwhelming. We will get it up there as soon as we can, promise!  


I am interested in helping? What can I do?

There are ways to help. You can submit apps and games that you find, and we will test them. Use the “Contact Us” option or email us at support@tablifiedapps.com. Secondly, you can help by spreading the word about Tablified.  Thirdly, you can futher support us by purchasing our app.


I would like to advertise on your site or get my app on the "featured" scrolling bar. How can I get in touch with you?

Use the "Contact Us" button on the top of the page or email us at support@tablifiedapps.com  


Privacy Policy Statement

Read our Privacy Policy Statement. Android is a registered trademark of Google. App/Game icons and their respective descriptions are owned by the developers of said app/game. Occasionally we also use the developer's screenshots on the site but we often take our own screenshots. Screenshots taken by Tablified are not to be downloaded, saved or used on/by another site without consent or acknowledgement.